Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there security options for Solatube Daylighting Systems?

The diameter of the tubing (10 in. and 14 in.) for the Brighten Up® Series and Smart LED™ Systems effectively prevent entry through the systems.

The SolaMaster® Series (21in. dia.) offers two security options to prevent entry at the roof level.  The first is a stainless steel security bar that inserts into the flashing turret and extends across the diameter of the opening, fastened with rivets to prevent entry through the dome.  The second option is a dome security kit that consists of three rivets with protective nylon spacers which replace the standard dome screws.  The dome security kit reduces the possibility of the dome removed.  When using with the Solatube® 750 DS models, an inner dome is required.

The SkyVault® M74 DS offers an optional security guard that comes pre-installed and consists of stainless steel wire grid inserted into the flashing turret across the diameter of the opening.

See Individual Product Pages for more details.

What is the difference between the Solatube Smart LED Primary and Secondary Systems?

The Solatube® Smart LED™ Primary System features a driver, Daylight Sensor and LEDs, and allows you to light a small interior space. If you want to add another Smart LED System, the “link and light” design of the Secondary System allows you to do that. Because it is controlled by the Primary System, it does not need a driver or Daylight Sensor and is less expensive. It also comes pre-wired with a unique cable connector that runs up to 15 ft from the Primary System for fool-proof installation and synchronized operation.

Although you can illuminate a space using multiple units, keep in mind you must pair each Primary System with a Secondary System for synchronized operation.

Contact your local Solatube daylighting expert for more information.

Can any Solatube Decorative Fixture or Diffuser be used with the Solatube Smart LED System?

Yes, any of the Solatube® Decorative Fixtures or Diffusers for the Solatube Daylighting System 290 DS can be added to the Solatube Smart LED™ System to provide a beautiful look in your interior.

Can the Solatube Smart LED Primary and Secondary Systems be installed further than 15 ft apart?

No, the Solatube® Smart LED™ Secondary System comes pre-assembled with a 15-ft connector cable. This is the maximum distance that a Primary and Secondary Unit can be installed apart. No extensions are currently available. 

Does the Solatube Smart LED System require any maintenance?

No. Once installed, the dome, tubing and other components that make up the Solatube® Smart LED™ System will require no maintenance. You won’t even have to replace light bulbs because they are designed to last up to 20 years. Occasionally, you may need to wipe dust off the diffuser or decorative fixture, but that’s it. See our Ownership & Care Guide for more information.

With the Solatube Smart LED System, will the LEDs turn on if the wall switch is in the “off” position?
No. When the wall switch is in the “off” position, it will override the entire system and prevent the LEDs from coming on.
Is it possible to get different color LEDs in the Solatube Smart LED System?

No, we currently offer the Solatube® Smart LED™ System only with 3000K LEDs, which replicate the “warm” color of incandescent bulbs.

Can I upgrade my existing unit with the Solatube Smart LED System?

A Solatube® Smart LED™ upgrade kit is not currently available, so you will need to purchase a new system. Contact your local Solatube daylighting expert for more information.

Can I dim the LEDs in the Solatube Smart LED System?

No. The LEDs in the Solatube® Smart LED™ are not dimmable. They only operate on an on/off basis.

Can I install a Solatube Ventilation Add-On Kit with the Solatube Smart LED System?

No, the Solatube® Smart LED™ System is not compatible with a Solatube Ventilation Add-On Kit. If you are interested in daylight with an integrated vent, you may want to opt for the Solatube 160 DS. This model is available with a Solatube Light Add-On Kit that utilizes screw-in compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

What size Solatube Daylight Dimmer works with the Solatube Smart LED System?

The same Solatube® Daylight Dimmer used for the Solatube Daylighting System 160 DS may be installed in the Solatube Smart LED™ System. It installs on top of the 10 in. (250 mm) bottom angle adapter. Please note that the Daylight Dimmer makes it possible to adjust the daylight levels in a space, not the LED light levels.

What if I want the Solatube Smart LED System to turn on sooner? Can I override the Daylight Sensor and turn the LEDs on when I desire?

No, the “smart” components in the Solatube® Smart LED™ System are factory-set for maximum energy efficiency. The LEDs will only come on when the Daylight Sensor determines light levels are low enough to trigger the LEDs. As an alternative, you may consider a Solatube Light Add-On Kit to a Solatube Daylighting System 160 DS or 290 DS unit, which gives you convenient on/off control through a wall switch.

How do I replace the LEDs if they go out in my Solatube Smart LED System?

LEDs are not designed to be replaced like traditional lamps or bulbs. If the Solatube® Smart LED™ system is not working, please contact your Solatube daylighting expert for assistance.

How does the light color of the Solatube Smart LED System compare to my existing lighting?

The Solatube® Smart LED™ System utilizes 3000K LEDs to match typical residential light fixtures. They give off a “warm” color that is similar to an incandescent light bulb. In addition, they offer a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80 for a highly accurate display of colors.

Can I install more than two Solatube Smart LED Systems in a space?

Yes, more than two systems can be installed in one large space. However, prior to installation, please keep in mind the following information:

Since the Solatube® Smart LED™ System controls a maximum of two units synchronously, any additional Smart LED units will be controlled separately.

This may result in the LEDs turning on / off at different times. For example, the LEDs may come on in two synchronized units but not the other(s) because of potential shading on the roof or other conditions.