How to renovate your home in 2 hours

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Tubular daylighting devices make it possible to add natural lighting to your home quickly and easily.Now that it’s 2014, did “make home improvements” get on your list of things to do this year? If it did, how likely are you to actually accomplish this goal?

Renovating your home is not a task many people look forward to. Sure, you know you’ll be excited with the final results, but thinking about the mess, the disruption to your normal routine, and the expense required to get there is enough to make any homeowner delay for another year.

The good news? There’s a simple way to improve your home that is mess-free and only takes two hours. Better yet, it’s affordable and will instantly impact your home the moment installation is completed.

The solution: upgrade your traditional lights with a tubular daylighting device (TDD). 

If you’ve read previous posts on this blog, you know that a TDD is a system that lights home interiors using daylight. (TDDs are also known as tubular skylights, solar tubes, light tubes, sun pipes, and light tunnels.) To bring daylight indoors, a sun-catching dome is mounted on your roof using a specially designed flashing that secures it in place. The dome connects to a reflective tube that runs through your attic and ends at the ceiling of the room you want to light. A diffuser then spreads the daylight evenly throughout the area. 

Due to the system’s streamlined design, the entire installation process—which includes assessing your space, recommending the appropriate model, selecting the ideal location for the light, and installing your TDD—usually can be done in about two hours. 

Once the diffuser is attached, the TDD is ready for use. In fact, you’ll notice immediately how much brighter your room is and how much more vibrant colors appear. You may even try to turn off your light switch out of habit, only to discover that your electric lights aren’t even on. Over time, you’ll also come to appreciate the long-term benefits your TDD delivers, like the fact that it: 

  • Cuts your energy bills because you won’t need electric lights during the day,
  • Eliminates maintenance since you won’t need to replace bulbs, and 
  • Increases the value of your home by brightening your home naturally.

If you’re ready to cross “make home improvements” off your to do list, click here to find the Solatube Premier Dealer or Distributor in your area. It will be the easiest—and quite possibly the best—home improvement you make this year.

What home improvements are on your list for this year? 

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