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Here at Solatube, we’ve been innovators in daylighting systems for 25 years. And while it may not be apparent at first glance, there’s a whole lot of technology that goes into bringing bright, natural sunlight into your homes. In fact, over the years we’ve pioneered new and better ways to capture, transfer and deliver sunlight through our advanced domes, ultra-reflective tubing and customizable diffusers, just to name a few. And we aren’t stopping there. We’ve just introduced our newest... READ MORE
“Home is where the heart is”,  “Mi Casa es Su Casa”,  “There’s no place like home”,  “Home is where you hang your hat”,  “You better be home in time for dinner” –Mom. There are so many great quotes about home; they could fill a thousand Pinterest boards. That’s right, a thousand. It’s a launch point for most of life’s adventures and a returning sanctuary for when life’s adventures become … well … too adventurous. Because “home” is such a powerful human concept, and because it means so much to... READ MORE
Now that summer is here, the weather is warming up, and unfortunately, so is your home. Since most attics lack adequate ventilation, heat builds up between the ceiling and roof, making the entire house feel hotter. And if you have air conditioning, it has to work harder to keep you comfortable. But don’t worry.   Solar Star Attic Fans are an easy solution. Here are six rock-solid reasons why they make sense (and cents): Operate for free: You read that right! The sun powers these fans. No... READ MORE
National Inventors' Day celebrates those who have improved our world with their inventions. Here are a few of the great unknowns we're honoring. READ MORE
Glare inside your home can cause you big headaches…literally. Find out how a Solatube Daylighting System can eliminate this issue and provide other perks too. READ MORE