0-10V Dimmer

Solatube 0-10V Daylight Dimmer

Manages light all day… so you don’t need to

The Solatube 0-10V Daylight Dimmer is smart and intuitive. It knows how much natural light to let in so you save as much as possible on electricity. See how it works smart throughout the day.

To get a smarter class, start with a smarter classroom. The Solatube 0-10V Daylight Dimmer lets you spend less of your budget on lighting and more on learning.

It’s all due to the dimmer’s open architecture design. This allows the dimmer to fully integrate with virtually and 0-10V digital lighting control system. When the two are combined, the system senses the daylight coming into the space, and automatically adjusts your electric lighting and dimmers…so you use the bare minimum of electricity.

To find out more about the new 0-10V Daylight Dimmer – and how it can help you earn an A+ for energy savings – fill out the form below and one of our Solatube Certified Commercial Distributors will get in touch with you.