Unmatched daylight. Unexpected spaces.

Bring natural light to places that were previously unimaginable with tubular daylighting.

Smart Technology Shines Through.

Solatube innovations bring the sunlight in and turn dark places into bright spaces.


Raybender® 3000
A patented daylight-capturing dome lens that redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture.


LightTracker® Reflector
An innovative in-dome reflector that maximizes the capture of low-angle winter and late-day sunlight.



Spectralight® Infinity
Tubing that transfers maximum sunlight over long distances and up to 90 degree turns.



Textured sections of Spectralight Infinity tubing and metal transition boxes that diffuse and soften the daylight.

Engineered Light Diffusion
Optical lenses and lighting control options that provide visual comfort and deliver superior diffusion.



Thermal Insulation Panel
Two climate control discs to prevent both heat and cold from getting into the building.


A technology integrated into Spectralight Infinity tubing that uses a proprietary process to filter out infrared wavelengths and minimize solar heat gain.

Daylight Dimmer

Daylight Dimmer
Adjusts daylight levels, anywhere from full bright to almost completely dark.

Daylighting Design Partner

Your Daylighting Design Partner

When it comes to building design and construction, you've already got your hands full. You don't have time to become a daylighting expert too. Let us help.

Inspiring Spaces and Places

Inspiring Spaces and Places

Take a look at some of our projects....
Whether it's a warehouse, school or arena, no space is too small or large...

Easier with Our Help

  • Design Consultation

    Let us help you with design consultation, product demonstrations or continuing education course presentations.

  • Daylighting Calculations

    Our Solatube consultants use advanced software modeling to jumpstart your custom daylighting project.

  • Spec Writing

    Ensure specifications are written properly and save time with spec writing assistance from knowledgeable experts.

Perspectives in Design.

"I like to use daylighting as a design tool and Solatube gives you the freedom to sculpt light and reach places you never thought possible. There are so many ways Solatube can be used and integrated into a space, it makes daylighting very easy."

Rick D'Amato - Principal Director of Design - LPA Inc., Irvine, CA

"The first time we installed Solatube, we were amazed with the amount and quality of natural light brought in. This has led to great workforce engagement, it makes us a nicer place to work."

John Mallett - Director of Operations - Bells Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI

"Kids walk into a classroom with Solatube and it’s bright and it gives out vibrancy to the room. We recognize the benefits of having Solatube in our classrooms. The teachers can turn off the fluorescent lights during the day and everybody is more alert with natural light."

Bob Curley - Principal - Beacon Park School, Irvine, CA