Smart LED Technology

  • Smart LED Technology

When it comes to quality lighting, it’s hard to beat the sun. The only downside is that it goes down each night, requiring electric lights after dark. The Solatube Smart LED System solves this problem using SunSense Technology, which blends LED lighting with sunlight to seamlessly illuminate interiors day and night. It’s the system that creates light in a smarter way.



Raybender® 3000

A patented daylight-capturing dome lens that:

  • Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture in morning, late day, or winter months
  • Rejects overpowering high-angle sunlight and heat at midday, especially during summer months
  • Provides consistent daylighting throughout the day
  • UV inhibiting domes block 100% of UVC, 100% of UVB, and 98.5% of UVA



Made of Spectralight Infinity material featuring 99.7% specular reflectivity, this innovative in-dome reflector:

  • Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture in early morning, late day and winter months
  • Increases light input for greater light output
  • Delivers unsurpassed year-round performance


Infinity Tubing

Tubing made of the world's most reflective material that:

  • Offers the highest Light Transfer Efficiency (LTE) - 99.7%* specular reflectivity for maximum daylight transfer
  • Provides the most consistent Color Temperature Maintenance (CTM) - delivers reflected light with no color shift and the purest color rendition possible so colors are truer, brighter
  • Focuses on delivering the visible spectrum of light, minimizing transfer of the infrared spectrum (heat)
  • Allows for run lengths up to 30 ft to deliver daylight to lower floors

& Deliver


A patented control center that:

  • Continually assesses daylight levels and determines when supplemental LED light is needed
  • Automatically triggers LED lights for seamless transitions
  • Provides optimal light output at
    any time of the day or night
* Specular reflectance greater than 99% for the visible spectrum (400 nm to 760 nm) with wavelength specific reflectance up to 99.7%

SunSense Technology: A Revolution in Lighting

High-performance Amplifier

Enclosed in a specially designed flared housing, the high- performance Amplifier features a patented design that utilizes16 highly reflective facets. These facets redirect light downward toward the Decorative Fixture or Diffuser at the most effective angle, maximizing light output for powerful performance.

Daylight Sensor

A Daylight Sensor continually monitors light levels within the tube and activates the LEDs when light levels reach a minimum threshold. It also deactivates the LEDs when sufficient daylight is present.

Light Optimization Lens

A patented Light Optimization Lens allows daylight to pass through and directs the light produced by the LEDs toward the Decorative Fixture.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Four 3000K LEDs with an average 35 lumens / watt output provide ultra-energy efficient lighting designed to last up to 20 years. In addition, they complement existing lighting and deliver 80 CRI for a highly accurate display of colors.

Easy Connect Panel and Driver

A housing assembly designed with unique connectors for the driver, Secondary System, and Occupancy Sensor ensures easy installation.

Occupancy Sensor

The Occupancy Sensor detects occupants and automatically triggers LEDs when light levels are low.