daylighting systems

For both commercial and residential daylighting systems, turn to the experts at Solatube International, Inc. We have been leading the way in innovative daylighting technology since 1991, are now proud to be global providers of a variety of daylighting systems. Our innovative daylighting systems bring natural daylight to interior spaces, including retail stores, health care facilities, schools, warehouses, gymnasiums, and much more. Our daylighting systems are used for a number of beneficial reasons around the world including energy savings, lighting design, and the promotion of personal wellness and productivity while indoors through natural, varying light sources. In fact, over 2 million homeowners use our lights, and millions of more people around the globe benefit from our commercial daylighting systems.

Why Daylighting Systems are an Echelon Above Other Lighting Systems

Here at Solatube International, we are passionate about what we do and how we help. That's why if you have any questions about how you can benefit from our daylighting systems, you can trust that we will be more than happy to shed some light on all of your inquiries. Our experts are invested in what we do, not only because we create beautiful daylighting systems, which you can see on our commercial products page, but also because we are helping communities throughout the world to save on electricity and become more eco-friendly. Additionally our technology is revered for the wellness benefits received by those who occupy the buildings where we have installed daylighting systems. In fact, several studies show that unvarying electric light could be amongst the leading causes of unorganized thinking, irritability, and even depression for individuals exposed to such light for long periods of time. Additionally, daylighting systems like the ones provided by Solatube International, offer varying, natural light, which promotes efficiency, productivity, and improved cognition.

Daylighting Systems Offer Solutions to Your Outdated Lighting Problems

No matter what you're looking for in terms of lighting, you can trust that you will be happy with the outcome you receive with the daylighting systems from Solatube International. Not only do our products offer benefits that traditional lighting systems simply do not, but they also solve a number of problems that traditional skylights present. For example, our daylighting systems are popular amongst our clients because they are solutions to shifting light patters, solar heat gain, and glare. Here at Solatube International, we are proud to be leading the daylighting revolution, and encourage you to explore our website for valuable information on our state-of-the-art daylighting systems

The Difference Offered By Daylighting Systems

Unlike traditional skylights, our daylighting systems capture natural light from outside and use patented optical technology to deliver that light to indoor areas that might otherwise have never seen the natural light of day. Here at Solatube International, we know our products are changing the way humankind uses electricity for lighting, and we are proud to engineer daylighting systems that can benefit our customers in so many ways. We encourage you to learn more about our daylighting systems by contacting us through our online contact form, or by calling us at (888) 765-2882.