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dome skylight

Whether you are looking to update your commercial property, or you are in charge of an entirely new build-out, you will love the dome skylight technology brought to you by the daylighting industry leaders at Solatube International, Inc. Established in 1991, our company is proud to be a worldwide leader in the daylighting arena. We are committed to bringing the benefits of natural daylight inside to any commercial establishment. In fact, we are proud that our number one motivation here at Solatube International, Inc., is our belief in the positive effects of dome skylight technology. Because our company is composed of industry experts who love what they do, and the positive effects of the products we offer, you can be certain that when you turn to Solatube International, Inc., for dome skylight applications, you will be getting the most value for your investment.

Even and Consistent Dome Skylight is Healthy and Beneficial

For even, consistent lighting that is easy to install and requires no maintenance, you will love what we have to offer here at Solatube International, Inc. We use patented dome skylight technology to capture natural daylight and transfer it to areas within buildings that need it the most. If you’re not sure if this technology is right for you, consider the benefits of lighting your space with natural daylight. Our tubular daylighting devices bring natural lighting to any room without the need for major structural changes. We are also proud of the health and wellbeing benefits that go along with our products. Past studies have shown that unvarying electrical light in commercial applications might be directly related to a steady decrease in organized thinking, confusion, and even depression. On the flip side, countless studies and applications show that cognitive tasks and efficiency improve when people are subjected to varying, natural light. After all, who couldn’t use a little more daytime in their lives?

We Are Pioneers of the Dome Skylight

We strive to bring comfort and aesthetically pleasing light to warehouses, gymnasiums, retail spaces, educational establishments, and any other commercial property you can think of. We do this through both our innovative product series and our undeniably convenient professional dome skylight services. When clients turn to Solatube International, Inc., for any of our commercial dome skylight products, they can rest assured that they will have access to a list of services designed to make their lives easier, and the process of purchasing and installation streamlined. Our dome skylight services include design services, which will enable you to develop better lighting designs while freeing up more time to focus on other important tasks. We also offer an LEED impact analysis, as well as lighting calculations, continuing education, spec writing, certified installation, and compliance documentation.

As a pioneer in the lighting industry, we are happy to lead the charge for continual, positive innovation and energy saving solutions. Improve your environment by opting for a lighting upgrade as your next renovation project approaches. You can use a dome skylight to bring natural light to any commercial space, simply browse our commercial products suite to learn more!

Commercial Dome Skylight Products and Solutions

Whether you’re a lighting designer, architect, design build firm, facilities manager, or property owner, if you’re looking for a positive, healthy, (include energy savings) and beautiful approach to indoor lighting, you have come to the right place. Our suite of commercial dome skylights offers clients the ability to outfit any commercial property with the right kind of dome skylight. Unlike traditional skylights that act as a window for the sun to enter a room, our dome skylight products capture natural light from outside and transfer it through tubular technology to inside spaces, delivering the best quality light without the heat. For more information we encourage you to fill out our online contact form, or to call us at (888) 765-2882. Breathe new life into outdated property, or create a modern look and feel to a new building by adding dome skylight systems from the experts at Solatube International, Inc.