New Solar Electric NightLight


Square Decorative Fixtures

Only Solatube Systems offers daylighting with stylish square fixture options. Whether you choose the contemporary Square JustFrost or the bold Square OptiView, with dazzling views of the sky, you’re adding the warmth of natural light and a sophisticated flair to your home.

New Square Decorative Fixtures-Entryway  New Square Decorative Fixtures-Hallway

New Square Decorative Fixtures-Hallway  New Square Decorative Fixtures-Hallway

Beautiful and smart interiors

Beauty and intelligence. It’s a powerful combination. That’s why Solatube daylighting products are designed to be both elegant and energy-efficient. Our Solatube Daylighting and Smart LED Systems not only fill your home with bright, natural lighting, they do it with style.

160 DS with Vent Kit - Bathroom - Columbus, OH