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CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings
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Solatube® 160 DS (10 in/250 mm Daylighting System)

Solatube® 290 DS (14 in/350 mm Daylighting System)

Brighten Up® Series

Solatube® 160 DS Ventilation Add-On Kit Instructions
Light Add On Kit (meets California Title 24 requirements)
Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer Instructions

Previous Products

5V Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Solatube® 160 DS Ventilation Add-On Kit Instructions (110v N. America)

SolaMaster® Series

5V Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Security Bar Instructions

SkyVault Series

United States & Canada - Product Evaluations & Approvals

Product Literature

Solatube® Daylight Dimmer for SkyVault

Product Technology

Light Output Chart of Tubing Materials