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CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings
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Solar Star® Attic Ventilation

Solar Star® Ventilation

Solar Star® Roof Mount Instructions
Solar Star® Interior Mount Instructions
Add-On Solar Panel Instructions
Solar Star Thermal Switch Instructions

Whole House Fans & Garage Fans

941572 Solatube® Whole House Fan Instructions

Previous Products

941365 Solatube® Whole House Fan Instructions

United States & Canada - Product Evaluations & Approvals

Texas Department of Insurance RV-87 (Solar Star Roof Mounted Attic Fan RM1200 HVHZ and RM 1600 HVHZ)
FBC 2014 FL 10884 Non-HVHZ (Solar Star)
FBC 2014 FL 14826 HVHZ (Solar Star)

Previous Products & Approvals

MSDS (Product Materials Specifications)

The sealant is a hazardous substance. Please use extreme caution. See the attached Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for information before opening. All other components (“articles”) fall under the Occupational Safety and Health Communication Standard 1910.1200 which indicates at Section 1910.1200(b)(6) that, other than for the sealants used during Solatube® skylight installation, none of the other parts (“articles”) used in the Solatube® skylight pose a health risk and do not require a Material Safety Data Sheet. (See the Occupational Safety and Health Communication Standard 1910.1200 reference below.) 

Occupational Safety and Health Communication Standard 1910.1200(b)(6)(v)
Paragraph c

"Article" means a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle: (i) which is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture; (ii) which has end use function(s) dependent in whole or in part upon its shape or design during end use; and (iii) which under normal conditions of use does not release more than very small quantities, e.g., minute or trace amounts of a hazardous chemical (as determined under paragraph (d) of this section), and does not pose a physical hazard or health risk to employees.

Solatube Component

BASF Sonolastic® TX 1 Sealant

Residential: Single Family Homes

Shea Homes, Encanterra Development (Solar Star Attic Fans)

Product Literature

Solar Attic Fans Residential Brochure