Unbeatable Thermal Performance

Don't let the concerns of poor thermal performance deter you from daylighting large spaces.  With the new Solatube Thermal Insulation Panel, you can achieve superior daylighting in large spaces with virtually no thermal impact on the indoor climate.


Crush the Code

The new Thermal Insulation Panel restricts both conductive and convective heat transfer, delivering U-factors that crush current code.  With this new add-on, Solatube Daylighting Systems also annihilate the anticipated future IECC 0.48 BTU/(h°F ft2) code change -- by up to 42%!





Adjust for Your Needs

Now every project using SolaMaster® or SkyVault® Series products can achieve the world's best daylighting plus thermal performance that no other tubular daylighting device can match.

Placing the Thermal Insulation Panel in the ideal location is easy.  It installs at the insulation layer of the building envelope, creating an effective thermal barrier.  For open ceiling applications, that's usually at the roof level.  For closed ceiling installations, the panel installs at the roof or ceiling, wherever the insulation layer is.


SolaMaster Series-Open Ceiling

Thermal Insulation Panel installed at roof level.

SolaMaster Series-Closed Ceiling

Thermal Insulation Panel installed at roof level or at ceiling level.

Skyvault Series-Open Ceiling

Thermal Insulation Panel installed at roof level.


Heat Stays Where It Belongs

Two stacked climate control discs act like dual glazing to minimize convective heat transfer.  The polycarbonate ring minimizes conductive transfer while proprietary Spectralight® Infinity material laminated to the ring's inside surface dissipates heat and maximizes light transfer.