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The groundbreaking SkyVault Series delivers massive amounts of daylight in high-volume spaces. By mixing and matching modular components, you can increase light capture, focus light output, dim to near complete darkness, and reduce thermal exchange… all in one system.


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Advanced optics selectively deliver the visible light spectrum while filtering out infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths to reduce daytime cooling loads and prevent interior UV damage.

Used in various combinations, the SkyVault system components surpass the most stringent energy codes. A pre-assembled insulated (R6) and sealed curb cap, heat-minimizing Spectralight InfinityTM material, optional dual dome or heat-deflecting SkyVault Collector, and the Thermal Insulation Panel are all engineered to minimize heat loss and gain.

And with the largest tubular daylighting device available, you can reduce impact on the building envelope and installation costs.

See case studies showing SkyVault integrated into school, warehouse, office and retail environments.


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From basketball games, theatrical performances and films, to trade shows, corporate meetings and more, the SkyVault Daylight Dimmer represents a true breakthrough in natural lighting. Bright daylight when you want it, near total black out when you need it.


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Commercial SkyVault Tab Box

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SkyVault M74 DS

The SkyVault Series is a line of modular, high output tubular daylighting devices that deliver massive amounts of daylight to large volume spaces with high, open ceilings.

The Solatube M74 DS is the core of the SkyVault Series, and is available with the following pre-assembled configurations:

• Single-glazed dome assembly
• Single-glazed dome assembly with security guard
• Dual-glazed dome assembly
• Dual-glazed dome assembly with security guard

Tube size ≈ 29 in. (74 cm)
Potential tube length ≈ 100 ft. (30 m)

• Airports
• Convention centers
• Hospitality
• Warehouse & Industrial
• Retail
• Military

NEW SkyVault Collector

The SkyVault Collector makes it possible to capture significantly more daylight than traditional skylights without heating the building interior. Featuring proprietary Raybender HD, LightTracker and Cool Tube Technologies, the vertical collector:

• Maximizes daylight delivery by capturing and redirecting low-angle light down ward into the system 

• Minimizes solar heat gain by preventing heat-carrying infrared rays from entering the system 

Single-Glazed Dome Assembly

The Single-Glazed Dome Assembly ships pre-assembled with the following components:

• Outer Dome
• Pre-insulated Curb Cap
• Tube Collar
• Dome Edge Protection Band

Single-Glazed Dome Assembly with Security Guard

Dome assembly ships pre-assembled with the following components:

• Outer Dome
• Pre-insulated Curb Cap
• Tube Collar
• Dome Edge Protection Band
• Security Guard

Dual-Glazed Dome Assembly

The Dual-Glazed Dome Assembly ships pre-assembled with the following components:

• Outer Dome
• Inner Dome
• Pre-insulated Curb Cap
• Tube Collar
• Dome Edge Protection Band

Dual-Glazed Dome Assembly with Security Guard

The Dual-Glazed Dome Assembly ships pre-assembled with the following components:

• Outer Dome
• Inner Dome
• Pre-insulated Curb Cap
• Tube Collar
• Dome Edge Protection Band

SkyVault Series Amplifier

The Solatube M74 DS Amplifier significantly improves the delivery of daylight in high bay and high ceiling applications. Featuring 36 highly reflective facets made of proprietary Spectralight® Infinity material, the cone-shaped amplifier:

• Reorients daylight to the visual task plane in occupied areas

• Converts daylight at inefficient angles into useable light for increased optical efficiency of diffuser technologies


SkyVault Series Diffuser Assembly

SkyVault Series Diffuser Assemblies provide precise control over daylight collected by our optical domes and Spectralight Infinity Tubing. Each is factory-assembled to make field installation quick and easy.

The  Diffuser Assembly comes pre-assembled and easily attaches to extension tubes using the patented Tab-Lock Connection System and Tube Belts. The circular shape is designed for open ceiling applications and the Prismatic lens delivers maximum daylight to the work floor.

Thermal Insulation Panel

Provides unmatched thermal performance. Two climate control discs paired with polycarbonate ring prevent conductive and convective heat transfer. Spectralight® Infinity material inside ring maximizes light transfer.

Extension Tubes

Extension tubes feature a revolutionary Tab-Lock Connection System with Tube Belts that prevent gaps and eliminate the need for screws and tape. Tubes come in 24 in. and 48 in. lengths.

Optional Security Guard

The optional Security Guard comes pre-installed in specific dome assemblies and consists of a stainless steel rods welded into a hexagonal grid riveted into the curb cap turret, creating a visual and physical deterrent at the dome level.

SkyVault Series Daylight Dimmer

At times, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of daylight in your big space – during a sporting event or presentation, for instance. Made of the same material as our Spectralight® Infinity tubing the optional SkyVault Daylight Dimmer uses a patented butterfly baffle designed to ensure even light distribution in any position. The SkyVault Dimmer can be fully integrated into virtually any 0-10V digital lighting control system, working both in conjunction with and separately from electrical lighting.

Trim Ring

The Trim Ring provides a finished appearance to the installation, covering the cut edge of the roof deck penetration in an open ceiling application.