• Residential Pricing

No two houses are identical. Yours may have a different layout, a different square footage, or a different decor than your neighbor’s. There is also no one single standard for roof pitch. For this reason, our Solatube daylighting products are designed to be modular so they can be tailored for your particular room and lighting needs.

This is also the reason we don’t have a standard pricing menu. Characteristics that are unique to your home—such as attic height, roof pitch and roof material—all have a bearing on the components needed to build and install your daylighting system. This also applies to our attic ventilation systems.

To give you a ballpark figure of what you might expect to pay, below we’ve provided some examples of common system configurations using national pricing averages. Prices in your local area may vary.

Product Pricing Examples*

Example #1

Project: Add natural light to a closet for daytime use.

The Solatube 160 DS
(Designed to light spaces up to 200 sq. ft.)

  • Pitched Flashing for shingle roof
  • 48" Extension Tubing
  • Softening Effect Lens
  • Classic Vusion™ Diffuser

Estimated system cost*:


Example #2

Project: Replace a hallway light for day and nighttime use.

A Solatube Smart LED System
(Designed to light spaces up to 250 sq. ft.)

  • Pitched Flashing for shingle roof
  • 48" Extension Tubing
  • Natural Effect Lens
  • JustFrost Decorative Fixture

Estimated system cost*:




Example #3

Project: Reduce utility costs by adding a ventilation system in a large attic.

A Solar Star Roof Mount 1600 Attic Fan
(Designed to ventilate spaces up to 1,600 sq. ft.)

Estimated system cost*:


Estimated system cost after 30% Federal Tax Credit**:



*Installation not included in estimates. 
**Additional Tax Credits may apply.

Installation Considerations

Installation costs are usually listed separately, although some dealers combine the product and installation fees into one sum. In addition, the expense and time to perform an installation can vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • Roof type
  • Home square footage and configuration
  • Installer experience and product knowledge
  • Installer licensing (versus non-licensed handyman)
  • Regional economy

While Solatube daylighting and attic ventilation systems are engineered for easy installation, you’ll get the best results when you hire a professional who has been factory-trained and certified to install our products. When arranging installation, we recommend you hire a Solatube Premier Dealer who is licensed, bonded and factory-trained on Solatube products to ensure a proper install and protection from unforeseen circumstances.

Get professional help

For help selecting and installing Solatube or Solar Star products, you have three options:

Premier Dealer - Solatube Premier Dealers are residential daylighting experts who are trained and certified in the sales, service and installation of Solatube and Solar Star products. The advantage to using a Solatube Premier Dealer is that they will assess your lighting needs and provide a customized solution during a free in-home consultation, then expertly install your new daylighting or attic ventilation system. And in about two hours.

Find a Premier Dealer


Building Supply Dealer - Solatube and Solar Star products are sold by many building supply dealers. While some offer installation services, most do not. In this case, your best option is to hire a local licensed contractor or perform the installation yourself.

Find a Building Supply Dealer

Customer Care - If you don’t have a Solatube Premier Dealer or independent contractor in your area—and you’re not ready to tackle the job on your own—our Customer Care team is ready to assist you. Give us a call at 1-888-SOLATUBE

Cash in with credits

When you buy a Solatube Daylighting System or Solar Star Attic Fan, you’ll save money by using less electricity. You could save even more by earning tax credits.

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