SolaMaster Models and Accessories

Climate can affect the efficient capture of daylight. That’s why the SolaMaster Series comes in multiple configurations, each engineered for a specific climatic condition. Models can be used in open ceiling, T-bar suspended grid ceilings, or hard ceilings.

Open Ceiling

Closed Ceiling

Roof Flashings

Regardless of the particular roof type or deck material you use, Solatube products have a flashing designed to meet your needs. The seamless, one-piece steel construction eliminates the possibility of leaks by ensuring there are no weak points that may separate and allow water to enter.


SolaMaster Series Diffusers give you optimal control over enormous amounts of daylight harvested by our optical domes and SpectraLight Infinity Tubing. Whether your goal is to blend, beautify or boast, these diffusers offer a way to enhance the look of any interior.


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