Attic Fans

Prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels in your attic with Solar Star® Ventilation Fans. Your attic stays cool and dry while you enjoy greater comfort in your home, lower utility bills and prolonged roof life.

Image of a solar powered attic fan.

Cool your attic and protect your home all year long.

Heat and moisture are your home’s enemies. Solar Star Ventilation Fans deliver an eco-friendly approach to neutralize moisture and drive out heat, keeping your home cool in summer and protecting it from harm during the winter.

Summer cooling

When the heat of summer hits, it needs to be vented from your attic to keep living spaces comfortable, air conditioning units from overworking, and roof structures and materials from deteriorating.

Solar Star Ventilation Fans:

  • • Pulls heat from your attic and structure of your home
  • • Provide a more comfortable interior
  • • Lower air conditioning energy bills
Illustration of a solar power attic fan venting heat from the attic.

Winter protection

When ice, snow, and cold temperatures outside combine with excess humidity inside, it can do serious damage to your home’s structure.

Solar Star Ventilation Fans safeguard your attic from winter damage by:

  • • Equalizing attic and exterior temperatures
  • • Eliminating damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture
  • • Avoiding leaks and structural decay from ice damming
  • • Mitigating weakened internal structures caused by mold and fungus growth
Illustration of how solar attic fans protect against harsh winter weather.

Solar Star Ventilation Fan options for your attic and your budget.

With solar-powered technology, Solar Star Fans cool during the day with no cost to operate. They also require no electrical wiring and are virtually maintenance-free. So you get attic ventilation without the hassles.

Roof Mount 1500: Compact and Powerful

For smaller attics, open ceiling garages and even sheds, you may not need as much power. That’s where the RM 1500 comes in. With a 16-watt solar panel, it creates just the right amount of airflow for efficient venting of heat and moisture.

Image of the solar attic fan model Roof Mount 1500.

Roof Mount 2400: Big Power for Big Impact

Beef up your venting power with our biggest attic fan. The RM 2400 features a 35-watt solar panel that generates maximum energy for greater air movement.

Image of the solar attic fan model Roof Mount 2400.

Interior Mount 1500: Works with Existing Attic Venting

Designed to mount inside your attic, the IM 1500 converts passive gable, dormer, powered and whirlybird vents into an active, solar-powered venting system. The 16-watt solar panel sits discreetly on your roof.

Image of the solar attic fan model Interior Mount 1500.

The right profile for the right roof.

Our attractive roof-mounted ventilation fans come in multiple profiles: The High Profile Roof Mount for locations with heavy snow loads. The Pitched Roof Mount for north-facing roofs when you need to improve exposure to the sun.

Low Profile

Sleek design for the majority of roofs.

Roof mounted ventilation fan with a low profile.

High Profile

For locations with heavy snow loads.

Roof mounted ventilation fan with a high profile.


For north-facing roofs to improve exposure to the sun.

Roof mounted ventilation fan with a pitch to improve sun exposure.

Tile Roofs

Flashings integrate easily with tile roof structure.

Roof mounted ventilation fan with a flashing that integrates with a tiled roof structure.

Ideal accessories for your attic fans.

RM 1500 Add-on Panel

When shadows limit sun exposure and minimize the performance of your Solar Star Ventilation Fan, supplement its operation with the RM 1500 Add-on Panel to ensure continuous operation throughout the day.

RM 1500 add on solar panel.

Thermal Switch

Automatically activates when temperatures reach approximately 85° F (29° C) and deactivates when temperatures drop below 65° F (18° C). Easily installs on all Solar Star models.

Thermal switch for automatic actuation.

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Whole House Fan: Additional Attic Cooling

In addition to the benefits of our solar-powered attic fans, homeowners who install Solatube’s powered Whole House Fans to cool their living spaces benefit from having their attics cooled as well.

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Illustration of the whole house fan pulling hot air out of living spaces and into the attic then outside the house.
Attic fan application guide.

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